Power Generation Industry works

Rewind 2 x Rotors to class “C” Insulation. Testing included overspeed and Balancing, complete assembly and commissioning on site using Laser alignment equipment – 5,330 kVA, 11 kV, ASEA, Generator. Work was carried to the approval of Ewbank International Consultants & Robin Davies.
Remove, re-insulate and refit Retaining Rings (end-bells).

Complete assembly and commissioning including on-site Balancing 42 MVA, 10.5 kV, Elin Union (UAE)

Complete Stator rewind on site – 78 MW, 11.5 kV, Ansaldo (UAE) Complete Stator rewind – 3,125 kVA, 11 kV, Brush Generator (Oman)

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