Oil & Gas projects

Dismantle Transformer, rewind 3 x coils, and assemble – 1,050 kVA, 600 / 380 V, France Transformer (Saudi Arabia)

Complete overhaul of dry type Transformer 1,000 kVA, General Electric, 600 / 480 V, (Oman)

Complete overhaul of 10 Transformers housed in container. Workscope included; inspection, secondary injection of relays, primary injection of circuit breakers, drain oil, test oil and refill – 2,500 kVA, ABB (Dubai)

Rewind Stator (flame proof) to upgrade from 350 HP to 400 HP, including boring out of Stator frame, installing additional Stator
Laminations, press and secure – 350 HP, 3.3 kV, Continental Electric (Qatar)

Overhaul of 4 x Motors in accordance with ABS IV specification – 2,500 kW, 11 kV, GEC (Abu Dhabi)

Complete rewind of Stator and Rotor including dynamic balancing – 1,500 kVA, 600 V, Caterpillar SR4 Alternator (Sudan)

Complete overhaul of 2,000 kVA, 2,400 / 4,160 V, Kato Generator (Yemen)

Complete overhaul including Stator rewind 750 kVA, General Electric ac Generator (Oman)

Complete overhaul including rewind – 6 pole Rotor of 1,000 kVA, Bemac Generator (Algeria)

Complete overhaul including Balancing – 2 x 480 kW, 6,000 V, Siemens Motors (Fujairah)

To modify Series wound GE752 motor to conform to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – Directive 94/9/EC

The modifications to include;

Manufacture and installation of a suitable junction box to contain the external connections for power and a separate Ex’d terminal box for all the control cables.

Manufacture and install suitable and sufficient ducting, purge system and flame traps modified as needed to be to the specifications for space.

Supply and install ATEX equipment such as heater, pressure sensor, lock out switch and blower motor.

The overall unit will be CE marked in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and may be used in Group II Category 2 (Zone 1) areas being given an overall temperature classification of T3 (200 C) and certified by DEKKRA.

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